A grand welcome to the Online Scottish Fun Sangs Treasure Hunt.

You learn about old and new fun Scottish sangs here, an get virtual GOLD and SILVER coins for what you have learned.  

To play, look at the questions below.

You will find the songs on the FUN SANGS page HERE 

CHECK your answers by hovering your mouse over the ANSWERS on the LEFT.

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One virtual SILVER COIN for every twelve points won.

Complete these placenames [1 point for each correct answer.]

1] Murder In The ..........

Wha saw The .........

Bananas Are ..........

Fitba ......

2] In Chipshop, what do these Scottish words mean in English?
Peeked? Haddie? 
What was the big dug hit with? 

Listen to the recording. What line of the song is different from the words on our page?


3] What is the other name of the 42nd Highland Regiment?

Where were the 42nd marching along, and what were they wearing? (3 points)

4] Where did Ewan hear the song he changed to make up Bananas Are The Best? 

When did he hear it, AND what language was it in?

What do these words mean? Manana? Totie?

How many monkeys cannot be wrong|?

5] In Fitba Crazy, what do these words mean?

Jaickets? Skivvie? Gub?


What was the singer's brother called? Who was the important person who watched the game?

6] In Wha Saw The 42nd, where did the ‘tattie howkers’ come from, AND what did they come to the Highlands to do? Listen to the recording. What instrument is played? [3 points – this is a trick question]

Just hover over here for the answers. Not working for you? download answers HERE


Murder In The Chipshop

Wha Saw The 42nd?

Bananas Are The Best

Fitba Crazy

Peeked is Peeped. Haddie is Haddock.

A tattie scone.

The second last line is 'Ah laughed and I laughed till ma heid fell aff'

3] The Black Watch.

The Broomielaw in Glasgow AND boots, stockings, and tartan toories.

4] Kenya.

1964 AND Swahili

Manana means Tomorrow, Totie means Very Small

Fifty million monkeys

Jackets. Girl house servant or maid. Mouth.

Jock McGraw AND The Prince Of Wales

Schools in Sottish cities AND to pick tatties. 

There is no instrument on the recording, just a voice.