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You get one point for each correct answer.

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1] Complete these song and tune names [1 point for each answer]

Farewell to the ……………..

Leezie …………

……….. the Hero

Wha saw ….. ……

Mrs …… of ……….

2] When did Leezie Lindsay pin up her coats?

3] What is the other name of the 42nd Highland Regiment?

4] In The Droving Trade, name two places beginning with ‘A’, and what are ‘brogues’? [3 points]

5] Where were the 42nd marching along, and what were they wearing? [3 points]

6] Where is the monument to Hector The Hero, and what is his full name and rank? [3 points]

7] What was the name of the chieftain who courted Leezie Lindsay? Listen to the recording. What instruments are played? [3 points]

8] Name two places that had trysts. [2 points]

9] In Farewell To The Highlands, what is ‘valour’ and what are ‘torrents’? [2 points]

10] What places did Hector The Hero fight in? Listen to the recording. What instrument is played? [3 points]

11] Who sings and plays on Farewell To The Highlands [play the video to find out]? Listen to the recording. What instrument is played? [3 points]

12] In Wha Saw The 42nd, where did the ‘tattie howkers’ come from, and what did they come to the Highlands to do? Listen to the recording. What instrument is played? [3 points – this is a trick question]

13] Who published the tune Mrs McLeod, and when? Listen to the recording. What instrument is played? [3 points]

14] In The Droving Trade, what bridge did you have to pay to cross, and what happened to the dogs when the cattle had been sold? Listen to the recording. What instrument is played? [3 points]

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Farewell to the.Highlands

Leezie Lindsay

Hector  the Hero

Wha saw the 42nd

Mrs MacLeod  of Raasay

2]When she decided to run away.

3]  The Black Watch

4] Auchnasheen, Aultbae

Brogues are shoes.

5] The Broomielaw in Glasgow AND tartan toories and boots an stockins

Dingwall AND General Sir Hector MacDonald

Lord Ronald MacDonald

Fiddle, guitar, whistle 

Muir of Ord AND Falkirk

Valour is courage AND torrents are heavy rushing streams of water.

Afghanistan, South Africa, Sudan AND mouth organ or moothie

Shona Donaldson and Katie MacKenzie.

The instrument is the piano.

Schools in Scottish cities AND they came to pick tatties in the North.

There is no instrument played!

Fiddler Niel Gow in 1809. The Instrument is the clarsach or Scottish harp

The bridge is at Bonar Bridge. 

The dogs were sent home alone.

The instrument is the banjo.